Political Dumpster Fire

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I have sat back and listened to many people talk about the political world. I have reviewed all perspectives, from the extremely progressive to the far right, from bleeding heart liberals to centrists, neutrals, Nazis, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and from the ultra-wealthy to the homeless. You name the group, and I’ve listened to and studied them. Guess what all these groups have in common? These groups exist worldwide under different names and systems. Imagine every single group you can think of. We all have one thing in common: we all want to live and be safe. All of us, even babies.

Despite knowing we have these things in common, we are all still in fear. What are we afraid of? We fear everything: the failing economy, high food prices, high gas prices, and war. We are force-fed this fear, which pits us against each other. Who does this affect? Not the ultra-rich, only the poor. In today’s world, the poor give their money to the rich. We have wars waging in different countries, and people like Elon Musk go to Russia to work out deals. What kind of deals are they working on? Now we have Alex Jones, who has a big platform and significant influence in his circles. Yet, I don’t hear him addressing that if he were really about humanity, he would get his friends who have access to Putin to ask him to stop making excuses for murdering and displacing people.

We live in a world where Biden can talk to Putin or have people talk to Putin and openly ask him to stop. Ukrainians killing Russians isn’t acceptable either. Those are our brothers and sisters, just like the people of Ukraine are our brothers and sisters. In Gaza and Israel, guess what? Those are our brothers and sisters too.

There is something I also don’t understand. I’ve heard for years from a few sides that elections were fake. I believe that elections are not true due to many factors. For example, Def Con hackers demonstrated vulnerabilities in election booths in 2017​ (Enterprise Technology News and Analysis)​. I heard the left screaming that the elections were rigged. In North Carolina, auditors said there was something fishy too​ (NCSBE)​. So, if these booths were tampered with in 2017, why wouldn’t they be messed with in 2020? Hackers are tricky. The doubt has been seeded long ago. Then when we think about all of this, why wouldn’t it be exploited in 2024? But how and why? That’s the issue. We lack integrity in our voting system. This is an unbiased opinion. Our state votes go to the representative to vote for us. Huh? Buy the representative, buy the vote. We have a flaw. Both sides have been guilty of this. We have two rich people in America begging for money from poor people. That $10 they sent you? Now they have no gas in their car for a week. Thanks. It’s a disgusting system.

I know what Trump is, and I know what Biden is. They are the same, just living different lives. They are mouthpieces for companies. Lobby this, lobby that. They are all about taking more. We all know Trump is a criminal. No one seems to care. Biden is seen as a pushover. Another thing that bothers me is these groups all point fingers and name-call. Blame, blame, blame. We should abolish Congress and let people vote directly. Most of these people are just power-hungry. In a world of 8 billion people, it can’t always go your way. We fight over trivial things. It’s not your call; it’s a collective vote. The flaw is Congress, and its members are now obsolete because we all have the internet. We don’t need “representatives” anymore.

Sitting back and listening to all sides has opened my mind even more. We have Alex Jones putting Russian people on his platform, talking about Russia attacking NATO countries, naming the countries and all. What is this? The talk Alex Jones has about Putin warning of a nuke is total nonsense. Putin never once uttered those words. Putin’s intention isn’t to start a nuclear war or, to be honest, even to kill people. This has pissed me off so much. Alex Jones is making Putin look bad and trying to make the standing government look like aggressors. This is called sabotage on all levels, and Alex is provoking someone who could cause a war for us. This leads me to believe Alex wants a war. Putins not happy right now and it's not directed at USA.

Now, looking back at the USA government and Russian government relations, why are they bad? Well, because of media and propaganda. All of this made me see a different picture. I spent about three days watching Alex Jones and listening to him, and I am sure others did too. But the fact is he is speaking for someone who has said nothing. The mainstream media is also guilty of this. Let me explain something about data. All the data can add up, but in the end, it might not be complete because data can be manipulated. Someone can take pictures and use them as you, people can say you did this or make accounts and websites and say you did that. A great example here is Alex Jones and what he repeated about a nuke war. Who’s to blame? Will Alex blame the media? Why does he follow the media? Is he blaming his guests and whistleblowers? What are their intentions?

The only real plan we have here is to establish relations with Russia in some form or another, and all sides will have to compromise to work it out. That’s the only fair way. We don’t own the world, you don’t own the world—no one owns the world. We share it, and we are all not going to agree on everything. We are all different in many ways. That’s why even in Russia, they have a voting system. Most countries have a voting system because, in the end, it’s we, the people of the world. Stop being selfish. Work together.