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Who am I? I'm just a girl with a lot in my head. I have a lot on my mind too, and I have a bit of a sarcastic mindset. I'm often misunderstood. I have been treated like shit my entire life, from the time I was a baby until my ripe old age now. I believe in higher morals, and I also believe in redemption because no one is perfect. I have hidden and self-isolated for more than 10 years. I'm kinda like that stray dog just walking around. I'm grateful, yet I'm very scared of humans. I'm scared of humans because of the way I have been treated. I have been treated less than human for most of my life—looked over, forgotten, talked bad about—so when it comes to making friends or allowing people to see the real me, it takes more than saying hello. I'm like that stray dog that will run from you or show my teeth to make you stay away. Maybe I am strong, but I am weak in my feelings. I'm too sensitive for my own good. Maybe if people treated me better and made me feel welcome I'd be more free to express myself outloud to the public. When you beat a person down sometimes those people don't get stronger.. they get weaker. Not everyone is the same. How about be nice to people because you never know who could be Jesus, but don't do it just because of that, do it because you want to.