America: Frustration and Facts in 2024

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You know what's seriously pissing me off these days? The incessant noise of Americans trashing their own country without a shred of factual information to back it up. Take, for instance, the ludicrous idea that Ukraine is swimming in cash from the recent war. Let's cut the crap and face reality. These individuals claim to seek truth, yet conveniently ignore it when it hits them in the face. The easy scapegoat is always the government, but surprise – they have laws and regulations to follow as well. Taxpayer money isn't going straight into politicians' pockets; some of these government workers are playing the stock market game. And newsflash – it's not just American politicians; people from every corner of the globe are in on it, making a profit. War is a goldmine, and they fucking know it.

Speaking of truth, these loudmouths need to dig deeper and discover who's actually getting rich from this mess. Take Elon Musk's recent Russian meeting with Putin as a prime example. War's turning out to be a cash cow for some, and Elon's cracking jokes about cozying up to Putin and talking about how war missiles are cool, and he wishes he could use them for... what, Elon? To feed people or harm them and the land? But it's not just him – there are more names you can add to the list of those profiting from this chaos. A quick YouTube or Google search will lay it all out for you. This includes non-American world leaders and big companies pulling the strings and making bank. Kim Jong Un is probably counting his cash from weapons deals, and weapons manufacturers are the ones laughing all the way to the bank, not the politicians.

Why the hell do Americans hate their own country so much? It's a small minority, not great numbers, who hate America. Most of the hate is coming from outside America, yet some small-brained Americans buy into it. Why do we have folks singing praises for leaders who murder and try to snatch up land? How is it okay for countries like Russia and Israel to just swipe land without consequences? What the hell is really going on in this mfucked-up world? It's a whole lot of hypocrisy from people screaming about freedom while trying to deny others exactly that – freedom and safety. It just doesn't add up.

Now, let's talk about the audacity of people living in a country known for embracing the poor, sick, and hungry for generations. This is a nation built on immigration, where seeking the American dream has been a pass to a better life and opportunities. Throughout history, we've had waves of immigrants – the Irish, the Italians – and each time, they were treated like crap for not fitting the mould of "American." When the Jews showed up, anti-Semitic tropes started in books and newspapers, fueling hate for Jewish people, which still persists today for no fucking reason. It wasn't any different for the Japanese, who were shoved into internment camps during World War II. The same idea applies to 2024; we are treating the Mexicans like that now, and even the Muslims and the poor Jews still get hate when they have done nothing wrong. All I hear when it comes to some of these Americans talking about immigrants is fear-mongering and hate. They have no viable solution; there is only hate and fear. The most selfishness I have ever seen. These Americans are selfish and do not want to share the beauty of what America has to offer. They'd rather tear it down and live without infrastructure than actually take the time to revise our government, identify weaknesses, and address problems. They offer no solutions, only arguments about something they can't control by screaming their nonsense down our throats. Once they offer solutions and take a stand, then they can make America great. That's how you make it great – not by badmouthing your home or trying to overthrow your government. Why the fuck can't they be proud of a country that is a good choice? Right now in America, if you go hungry in the streets, that's your own fault. America is the fattest country in the world, meaning we get fed. No one is dying of starvation in the street. We have access to water; we can drink and bathe in it. We have access to clothes – maybe not top dollar, but anything to cover your ass.

The harsh treatment of immigrants goes way back, ever since the first folks set foot on this land. And don't even get me started on the Native Americans – the actual Americans in the bunch. Do you hear anyone shedding tears for them? What the hell is wrong with people? This country has a fucked-up track record when it comes to welcoming newcomers, and the selective amnesia about our own history is fucking infuriating. It's 2024 for crying out loud.

Look, I know America has its faults, and I have been pissed at America as well, but when it really gets down to it, Americans are well-fed, they are healthy, and even if some cannot afford it, there are still means for them to get help. Americans have a higher standard of living even for the homeless. We have a chance here unlike in other countries. I love every country on this planet; every single last one of you humans are connected to each other.