Finding My Voice: Brain Injury and ChatGPT

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I will start off with what I wrote into the prompt of ChatGpt 3.5 (I do not use the paid version because its too expensive). The first will be, what I call, a stream of conciousness and the second part will be what ChatGPT did by fixing my grammar, my flow, organizations of thought and spelling.

Written by me:

I wrote about my brain injury and how it somewhat effects me, but there is a bit more to it than just that. I mentioned in my writing before that I have a problem with communications. I would like to say thank you to ChatGPT for helping me have a voice. For years and years I used others to write things for me that could understand me, but I found that those people could not be trusted they used my knowledge and my thought process for things I was against. I felt lost for a few years until ChatGPT came out with 3. I started playing around it and learned that I could use it to organize my thoughts. I can write in a stream of conciousness way and let it all flow out then ask ChatGPT to basically do grammar and spelling checks and to organize my thoughts. And here we are.

With help from ChatGPT:

I want to express my deep appreciation to ChatGPT for granting me a voice. For many years, I grappled with communication difficulties following a severe brain injury I experienced at the age of 15. This injury profoundly impacted the way I process information and interact with the world. During this period, I relied on others to articulate my thoughts. However, I discovered that some of these individuals exploited my ideas for purposes that contradicted my beliefs. Feeling adrift, the emergence of ChatGPT 3 proved to be a turning point. I began utilizing this tool to organize my thoughts, allowing me to express myself more effectively. By writing in a stream-of-consciousness style and then refining my work with ChatGPT, I've found a reliable way to articulate my thoughts and ideas. This process has been instrumental in giving structure to my expression, particularly given the challenges I face due to my brain injury.

There is one thing that brothers me about ChatGPT and thats the use of words that there is zero need for. That's just me though and my opinion. I've never been a wordsmith making word salads. I found people who use a lot of words when there is no need have ego issues. They want to sound smart making me think they are not smart at all. They are just good with using words. You can compare those types of people with ChatGPT's boring language model XD adds spice

I'm sorry ChatGPT but you boring, br0. (i still love you though)