Female prophets. When they open your eyes

A Picture will go here

Congratulate you
Said you had a double tongue
Balancing cake and bread
Say goodbye to a glitter girl

You don't want to lose her
She must be worth losing
If it is worth something

She's brand new now to you
Wrapped in your papoose
Your little Fig Newton

say goodbye to the old world

Ran into the Henchman who severed
Anne Boleyn
He did it right quickly a merciful man
She said one plus one is two
But Henry said that it was three
So it was
Here I am

And Jamaica

Do you know what I have done?

Mary M weaving on said

What you want is in the blood of Senators

I got Big Bird on the fishing line

With a bit of a shout a bit of a shout
A bit of an angry snout

He's my favourite hooker of the whole bunch

And I know about his only Bride
And how the Russians die on the ice
I got my rape hat on
Honey, but I always could accessorise
And I never cared too much for the money

But I know right now
That it's in God's hands
But I don't know who the Father is