Facebook, Twitter, and BlueSky—Elon's Drama vs. Chill Vibes

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My experience with X, initially known as Twitter, has left me deeply disheartened about the state of social media today. What I had hoped to be a platform for diverse discussions and meaningful interactions turned out to be nothing more than an echo chamber of adoration for its site owner, Elon Musk. Nearly every post that crossed my feed seemed to be a tribute or meme glorifying Musk, leaving no room for critical analysis or opposing perspectives. It felt suffocating to witness the lack of debate or thoughtful discourse, effectively stifling the very essence of what a platform like this should stand for.

X had seemingly transformed into Elon Musk's personal social media space, where the primary focus was promoting his image and ideas. While it's acceptable for someone to showcase their ventures and vision, it's essential not to present it as an unbiased platform while suppressing dissent and vital discussions. It's an echo chamber, where every meme is a nod to the tech titan. However, much like an overplayed tune, the repetition grows stale. I was left longing for a diverse playlist.

Equally disturbing was the discovery of accounts dedicated to sharing illegal and explicit content. This dark underbelly of the platform was seemingly ignored, allowing it to persist unchecked. Seems Elons fan base is okay with this because this illegal content falls under "free Speech". in their opinion

Despite claims of promoting freedom of speech, it was evident that this freedom was selectively granted, favouring those aligning with the Elon Musk narrative, differing opinions were met with hostility or silence.

Facebook has people sign up, post a few things, and then they vanish into the digital forrest. The problem is that Facebook feels a bit like a neighbourhood without a friendly neighbourhood watch. In my hood I want protection, not just for myself but for my family and neighbours. It's like you could start off chatting about your grandma's lasagna recipe but end up in a heated debate about whether cats or dogs rule the internet.

Facebook has come a long way. It's not just a place to share cat memes; it's like the universal remote control for the internet. You can video call your friends, watch TV shows, and even sell your old stuff. But it could be so much more, like a hub for live game streaming and virtual concerts, if only it had better moderation. Real people as Moderators, Fact-checking and universal messages about events, happenings or news in your local areas, or even worldwide.

BlueSky, the brainchild of Jack Dorsey, former Twitter owner, is like a breath of fresh air in the realm of social media. It has a familiar Twitter-like setup, but it brings a new flair to the social media table, distinguishing itself from platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

BlueSky presents a more relaxed hangout spot. It's like the cafe around the corner where you can have engaging conversations without getting lost in the frenzy of memes or feeling like you're in a right-wing rally. It offers a more tranquil space to connect, discuss, and share without the overwhelming noise and sometimes toxic elements present on other platforms. In my opinion that's where growth starts.

When I look at the personalities behind these platforms, Elon Musk does seem to have a distinct presence, projecting a more assertive and ego-driven image compared to Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. Mark is starting to put his face out there more. Jack on the other hand appears to embrace a laid-back approach. But Musk's ego sometimes takes centre stage, overshadowing the essence of healthy discourse. It's like he has a destructive nature and chaos in his brain. He has a problem with following conspiracy theories and claiming they are true, pushing users to pass that message.. helping divide us as a nation. Mark and Jack Seem to try to embrace unity.

On all platforms the absence of genuine journalism was alarming. A platform should be a hub for credible information and diverse news sources. Sadly, X devolved into a collection of superficial memes, devoid of any substance.

It's important for platforms to uphold ethical standards, promote diversity of thought, and encourage constructive conversations. X has strayed far from these ideals, succumbing to a culture of sycophancy and negligence. I was not impressed at all, by the end of that X-Twitter site left a bad impression on me. BlueSky was more of a free-spirited place for laughs and fun, and some info. Facebook came out on top in all sectors, it is a universal phone book for connecting the world, but the way News flows and the unmoderated disinformation is a turnoff. Facebook can get better. X you turned out to be the loser here, because of that big ass ego.

Be it Twitter (X), Facebook, BlueSky, YouTube, or whatever always remember, the price of 'free' is often your data, auctioned to the highest bidder.

In the end, my opinion about social media is still the same. I just do not like social media. Being on social media is one of the most insecure things you could do for yourself or your family. Yet, we will all be connected. The question now is... what's the best idea?